III /2018

Nishaan-Nagaara are honoured as publishers of the venerable Dr Inder Jit Singh’s sixth book and are also privileged to have him as Editorial Director of the Nishaan, illustrated journal of the Sikhs, now in its 19th year of publication. Under aegis of The Nagaara Trust, ‘SIKHI: The Journey & The Destination’ is amongst the several publications undertaken periodically, a small contribution in enriching the legacy of the faith and its proponents, who stand unfailingly by the spiritual values of Sikhism in all its glory and splendour.


The world knows that Sikhs are now a global presence. There is no country or continent where they are not. True that they are largely, if not entirely, immigrants from the Punjab and India. They are and remain a small minority wherever they live, even in India.
It often frustrates us as also our non-Sikh neighbours who see us unduly preoccupied with the home (India) that we came from. This doesn’t really surprise me? As an immigrant to America I see that all immigrants, be they Italian, Polish, Germans Irish, Jews or Brand X, spend a generation or more with such preoccupations. Home is where the heart is and for a generation the heart still longs for the home it has abandoned, with much energy consumed in trying to recreate it.


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