IV /2017

India’s momentous, though hesitant, steps towards self-determination and independence date from 1947; becoming the Republic of India took another three years to 1950. Nationhood was marked by a bloody partition of the Indian subcontinent into two nations – India and Pakistan. I was too young to be seriously affected, yet old enough to remember the events, and now almost 70 years later, to process them in my mind.


B By succinctly capturing the connection of 1947, a defining year in modern Sikh history and focusing on the aftermath of the current realities of the divided Punjab – half in India, the rest in Pakistan – in my view, this issue of Nishaan is a signal service to a new generation that is relatively untouched by 1947 and the years that have gone by. Nishaan thus maintains its reputation of being an unparalleled compendium of selected and authoritative views and writings on selected issues and themes that are critical to Sikhs and Sikhi worldwide


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