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Tribute paid to the 2 Sikh Regiment on Battle Honour Day

by nishaan@magazine

Remembering the soldiers and officers for their courage, Lt General A K Sharma (retd) said “this momentous day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the historic day and reiterate the solidarity with the armed forces”.

Paying floral tributes to the martyrs at Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Lt Gen Sharma stated that, “Every soldier has committed to sacrifice his life for the sake of the nation. Serving the country by donning a uniform is really a matter of great pride and satisfaction for every individual. We all enjoy sleep knowing well that the brave soldiers are safeguarding borders. The country will be indebted forever to the soldiers as they laid their lives for the country. The society and nation will always thankful to martyrs who served country with patriotic fervour to defend its sovereignty and laid down their lives. The sacrifice made by the martyrs would act as a beacon to inspire the youth to follow their footsteps and serve the nation. Col Anup Singh Dharni, who was part of the regiment and fought 1965 war and later captured Raja Picquet, also paid tributes to the martyrs.

Battle Honour Day is celebrated to mark the day of victory. The regiment had lost 40 men, including its commanding officer Lt Col N N Khanna.

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